Dr. Mike


Dr. Mike is an early childhood consultant, curriculum writer, and recording artist.  He provides professional development for school districts (pre-kinder, kindergarten, and special education), Head Start programs, childcare agencies and also keynotes and presents at national early childhood conferences.  Dr. Mike’s successful "Sing to Read" literacy resource has led to a rapid increase of popularity and demand for training and keynoting.  Dr. Mike's goal is to raise the professional competence of early childhood educators, to strengthen the quality of program services, and to achieve positive outcomes for ALL children in early childhood classrooms through meaningful learning in a multi-sensory approach. 

Dr. Mike’s “Sing to Read” program which develops critical early reading skills (print, phonological and phonemic awareness, fluency, prosody, sight word recognition, and vocabulary development) through poster cards, pocket chart phrases / words, and traditional children songs (ie. Wheels on the Bus, Miss Mary Mack, Five Little Monkeys).  "Sing to Read" is being enthusiastically embraced due to its contemporary musical arrangements (Hip-Hop, Rock, Reggae, and Latin rhythms) and kinesthetic approach which young children find exciting and motivating.  This multi-sensory approach engages them in meaningful literacy experiences while developing critical reading skills.  Furthermore, the Center for Applied Linguistics and University of California at Berkeley have stated that this methodology of singable books is one of the best ways to develop English proficiency in newcomers (ELL) students. 


In addition, these songs promote and develop science concepts and vocabulary through music and movement. Music and movement is a positive emotion that drives attention and enhances learning and memory.  Furthermore, cross-lateral movement forces both sides of the brain to communicate. Reading depends on the intimate connection between the two hemispheres (Donczik, J. 1994).  In addition, research findings state that a child’s motor coordination in kindergarten will determine the child’s reading and math outcome by the end of 1st grade (Goldstein, D. and Britt, T.,1994). Not only is Dr. Mike's "Sing to Read" fun, more importantly, it's benefits young brains.  

Dr. Mike's innovative and meaningful approach to learning is the perfect companion for todays generation of teachers and children who find teaching and learning boring and outdated.  "We live in a culture of entertainment and therefore we must connect with with our teachers and students with what is relevant in todays culture,  contemporary musical rhythms with meaningful movement" (Longoria, 2010)

Navigate Dr. Mike’s website to receive a better understanding of his teaching and learning philosophy, which is aligned to “brain-base” learning…music and movement produces more oxygen to the brain which makes us more alert and also produces an increase of endorphins in our blood stream which leads to longer retention.  Isn’t that what we want for our children?

Enjoy your visit to Dr. Mike's website!


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